When you can simplify your customer’s travel booking experience, why not go for it? We believe making travel plans should be easy, which is why it was our goal to provide a travel booking platform that does just that.

BlueShift Travel Technologies has created single touch travel booking software that allows your customers to book their travel plans with much less typing and clicking—making their life just a little bit easier!

Travel Booking Software

BlueShift’s travel booking software makes booking travel plans easy for everyone. Our single touch platform transfers data from social media profiles and pre-fills that data into our program—eliminating the need for your customer to type his or her personal information over and over again. Now, when using our software, booking travel plans becomes a little more leisurely and a lot less time-consuming.

Other Travel Products

Our focus is on simplicity, and our single touch travel booking software is an even bigger time saver for customers looking to book package deals. Instead of jumping from site to site and entering information again and again, we enable them to book package deals without all the hassle. Whether they want a vacation homeor hotel, or need to book a flight, our software does it all.

Our suite of products is also 100% mobile-enabled, making it even easier for your customers to book travel plans while on the go.

Want to Learn More?

With travel solutions for just about every industry you can imagine, BlueShift is the way to go. For more information about BlueShift Travel Technologies and our travel booking software, contact us today!