If you own a small business in a newly emerging vacation hot spot, BlueShift Travel Technologies has developed travel booking software that will give you the exposure you need! At BlueShift, we’ve identified key market opportunities in cities and countries around the globe, giving us an edge in creating an advanced travel booking platform.

Now independently owned hotels and other small businesses will have the chance to display inventory via BlueShift technology—and increase their exposure in the process.

Travel Solutions Made Easy

BlueShift’s travel booking software simplifies the whole travel planning and booking process. Our online travel booking system makes for easy solutions that are convenient to introduce through your brand and easy to implement.

Keeping travelers on your site is our ultimate goal, and BlueShift’s software helps you do just that. Our intuitive software simply transfers data from social media profiles and pre-fills personal information for your customer when they log in, whether they are booking a flight or a whole package deal.

BlueShift Advantages

BlueShift offers a suite of travel software products, all of which are 100% mobile-enabled. Our software will give your customers access to complete lodging inventory at their travel destination as well as the lowest rates on flights. Independent hoteliers or vacation home rentals will be found with just a few clicks, and your customers can book their entire trip in one spot!

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BlueShift Travel Technologies offers travel booking software for every industry, big and small.