When you want to optimize travel planning for customers using your website, BlueShift Travel Technologies has the perfect solution. Our intuitive software makes planning easy when it comes to purchasing travelers insurance, booking flights, hotels, vacation homes, and more. It can be placed on your company’s website as a widget or a link that simply opens a separate page.

No matter what you choose, BlueShift travel software is made to blend in with your company’s website—making your customers feel confident with their choice in booking with you!

Why Make Travelers Insurance Available?

While travel insurance has been viewed as unnecessary in the past, it’s now more prevalent than ever. Traveling is often a big investment, and protecting that investment has become a big priority for many people—especially when it comes to international travel.

BlueShift makes purchasing travelers insurance easy, and provides options underwritten by the largest insurance companies at the lowest rates possible. Our software system is easy to navigate and provides automated claims systems that will simplify travel planning for everyone. Purchasing travelers insurance and submitting claims just got a whole lot easier!

Other Insurance Travel Software Options

BlueShift offers travel-booking options for just about every industry, making it easier for your customer to book package deals that include vacation homes, hotels, flights, and more. You’ll save your customers time and money in the long run—and no more jumping back and forth on websites when it comes to trip planning!

BlueShift’s travel software also enables you to view customer’s transactions as they are happening in real time. This makes it easier on you as the host company to make the right calls when it comes to marketing strategies.

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